Our Vision

To be our customer’s top-most choice by delivering consistently perfect tea blends.

Our Mission

To serve our consumers an unmatched experience of freshness and flavors without the addition of any harmful additives.

About Faqta

Take a sip into the amazing journey of aroma and flavors.
Faqta Tea is a tea connoisseur delivering the perfect blend of tea to fulfill the demands of different taste buds. Our master tea tasters select, blend and deliver the tea with unmatched freshness and flavors. Our experts make sure that the cup of tea is not only consumed but enjoyed with every sip.
We strive to serve high-quality tea that will promote your health. All of our products are carefully blended and packed, following perfect hygiene and food safety standards. Each packet is a token of love and warmth our workers come together to produce each day. From selecting immaculate leaf grades to delivering the perfect wholesome tea, we have designed the ultimate dose of freshness to start your day.
Our reward is your smiles. This is just the beginning of a long flavorsome journey serving you the perfect blend of tea today, tomorrow, and every day.